How to Reset WordPress Password using phyMyadmin



Are you looking to reset worpdresss password?

There often comes a time when we forget our password or we loose access to the backend( when someone hacks the website)

The thing that frustrates me the most  is when I do not receive any mail, even after clicking on ‘Forgot Password‘ link.

I don’t know why this happens. But no worries!

I was finding some other way to change wordpress password. And eventually, I got to know about a very simple method to reset both your username and wordpress password. In this post, I am going to show you a very simple method to reset wordpress password (if in case you lost it somehow) using phpMyAdmin.

Let’s see…

Change/Reset WordPress Password using phpMyadmin

Login to your host cpanel and look out for ‘phpMyAdmin’ which is usually located under ‘Database’.

Click on phpMyAdmin*, you will the see list of database(s).



Now what all you need to do is identify your database. It’s very simple. If you remember your database then you may skip this step. (Note: in most cases it starts with: wp_xxxxx , if not modified during installation)

  • Go to File Manager and click on public_html
  • Look out for ‘ wp-config.php ‘ and click on it to either view/download
  • Press ctrl+F and search for  ‘prefix’ . Right after the prefix, you will see =”xxxxx” . Here xxxxx is actually the prefix which you are going to locate to execute further task in resetting your password.

*Now after clicking on phpMyAdmin, click on database and then select your database.


After that, find  wp_users or the prefix which you found earlier i.e., xxxxx_users and click on  the browse button.



Now, click on ‘Edit’ button and then do as follow:


In the user_pass row,  put your new password by replacing writeYourPasswordHere. And just beside it, you will see a lot of functions. Click on the down arrow and select MD5 .

If you wish, then you may change your username also. Same goes here, just replace YourUsername with your desired username. All done!

I guess this is one of the easiest way to change your wordpress admin password if in case you have lost your  password due to some reason(s). If you feel this method to be little tough, then you may contact the support team of your host and get it done. However, this may take some time depending upon your host.

What all I can say is – try once and if you have any problem then let me know in the comments below.

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