Bluehost Review: Shared Hosting for WordPress(2016)

Looking for bluehost review with merits and demerits? Well… you are at the right place.

Lots of web hosting company are out there in the market. When it comes to shared hosting for wordpress, I prefer Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies (officially recommended by WordPress) which has been supplying top quality service with its astonishing servers. I am here with the latest review of bluehost hosting  2016.

Review of Bluehost Shared Hosting:

We often hear about free hosting, and at that time, one thing comes in our mind – when we can avail the things in free, then why one should pay for it. Isn’t it?

But do rememberEverything which comes free, comes with a hidden price behind it!

One of the popular free hosting website is 000webhost. I have personally used it, and let me tell you the reality. There is no guarantee that your website will run smooth every time.

Your website might face frequent downtime, errors all the time which will do nothing but will eventually hamper your user experience.

From that particular day, I got aware of how these all free stuffs work and I will also explain you why I quit using free hosting.

In this article, I will share my experiences of hosting my website at a free host and at bluehost.

Before we dive into bluehost review, let me tell you about types of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: It’s a standard hosting package for any wordpress blogger willing to start a new blog.
  • VPS Hosting: It is more powerful than shared hosting but it is not suggest for beginners. If your are old blogger and your site is receiving tons of traffic, then you may switch to VPS hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Again not suggested for a new blog. Again it’s much more powerful hosting because a single  dedicated server will be allotted for you.

Let’s quickly check out my experience with Bluehost.

You will get all the merits and demerits of Bluehost. However, the merits will outweigh the demerits and that’s the brilliant part behind it.

Bluehost Review: Let’s dive into the details one by one:

Uptime (✔) : Every web hosts guarantee 99.9% up-time. But honestly, many of them fail in this.

However, I have never witnessed any downtime on my own and my friends’ website hosted with Bluehost.

Do you know why?

It’s all because of their sole aim to win their customer’s heart by providing quality service. And that’s the main thing which compels me to go with Bluehost.

Customer Service (✔):   Bluehost is one of the leading and cheapest hosting provider in the industry which has not only managed to keep their servers really fast but also, it has managed to provide world class customer experience with its support feature.

You might be surprised to know that its technical team provides 24 hours support service to their clients so that their customers don’t need to wait for a long to get their problem solved.

Customer support service should be the top most priority of any web hosting companies. Failing in their duty, thereby, brings loss of faith to that company. Companies which are reliable are chosen most!

And Bluehost stands at the top in providing quality support to their customers. I have personally talked to their customer support team and guess what?- They are very prompt in the reply! You may use their Live Chat option to get in touch with their support team.

You might be surprised to know that Bluehost is in hosting business since 15+ years and has been providing quality service since its inception.

Issues with the free hosting companies (My experience): 

Here’s the conversation:

Me: I am getting this error. Could you please solve the issue?

After 24 hours….

Support: Please upgrade to the premium plan to get assisted well!

And that’s quite surprising.

What next? They will ask you to move to their premium plans.

Speed (✔): Speed is one of the factors which attracts a webmaster(website owner) the most. Most of the webmaster wants to give a better user experience to their user/customer. Why?

The answer is hidden in the fact that – the first impression is the last impression. If suppose a new user lands on your site either through search engine or any other referral source, what would he/she supposed to observe first?

When he/she lands on your site, he would first observe the page loading speed of your homepage. Don’t you agree?

Moreover, a boring and lazy loading page can even drive the targeted traffic out of your site. Consequently, it can affect your revenue.

My experience with free host:

Their(000webhost) free plan was very poor. It used to take very long time to open the website. I switched to their premium plan(I was left with no other options, why?- I will tell you later in the review). In their premium plan, the speed slightly got better but was not satisfactory.

Backups (✔): One of the most underrated features which every newbie forgets to see while purchasing hosting from a web host is their backups. Backups are the vital ingredient of a successful website and hence a successful online business. Ask any online successful entrepreneur, can they live without backups? The answer would be a simple NO

In the same way, before starting an online blog, you must consider the features which are utmost important.

If you are with a good host, then you don’t need to back up your database and files. But if you aren’t with a good hosting company then you need to think a lot about it.

My Experience:

Do you know why I was compelled to move to the premium plans of a free hosting company?

I was on their free plan and was updating my site with loads of articles every alternate day. My site started receiving traffic(visitors) after couple of weeks.

One day I found that I could not see anything on the frontend of my website!(It was throwing some error, I don’t remember what that error was exactly).

I was scared….and was regretting very badly.

Further, I went to the backend of the website(using Filezilla client) and guess what? I could not see anything inside public_html folder (It’s the root folder of your website which contains all your files).

I didn’t have the backup of my site. I ended up mailing to their support team about all this, and they said they had my files with them. I was surprised!

Takeway: Everything that comes free, comes with a hidden price behind it!

I switched to the premium plan and got all database and files. Actually they had transferred all my files and seized my account due to Bandwidth issue.

Bandwidth : Almost all web hosts write that they provide unlimited bandwidth. But actually these are not 100% true. This leaves the webmasters(owner of any site) a bit skeptical about the web hosts. This is the issue which concerns a webmaster the most. But when they say that they are providing unlimited bandwidth then, actually there is a hidden threshold limit of bandwidth.

But you won’t be able to reach that amount of bandwidth with even a good level of traffic. So, you don’t need to worry about the bandwidth or hosting resources like files/database.

As far as the hosting resources are concerned, you can hardly reach to 300 mb database after years of blogging which is far more less than the space stated by the web hosts. So, it won’t be a problem to you.

My experience with Free host:

With the free web host, I was told that we(hosting company) have seized your account since you crossed the bandwidth limit( or what so called CPU limit). That was just a reason to seize down my files and compel me to upgrade to their premium plans.

What I learnt was, you won’t be able to reach that bandwidth, with even good amount of  traffic when you are with any good host.

However, if you reached that level of traffic, then you would be having enough money to switch to a vps or managed servers and it wouldn’t be an issue for you:)

Easy C-panel: c-panel of most of the shared hosting companies is very easy to use, since they use standard c-Panel. c-Panel actually helps you manage your whole hosting account in a very easy manner. Bluehost has a very good c-panel to work on.





For any new blog, you can go with plus plan or the basic plan. After few months of blogging, I wanted to launch a blog for my friend on some health niche. But unfortunately I had to purchase another web hosting plan because earlier I had signed up with the basic plan.

You can see the number of websites which you can host in the basic plan is only one, where as in case of Plus plan it’s unlimited. It means you can easily host 3-4 websites using a single (Plus) hosting plan.

I recommend you to choose hosting for 2-3 years as because, when you choose hosting plan for longer years, the overall price will get lower.

With this discount link you can get  bluehost at very few dollars per month. Bluehost also provides some google adwords credits which you can go through and make your brand more popular with search engine bidding. Moreover, you will also get a free domain name to register. All in all, it’s an awesome package to start with.


Bluehost at a glance :

  1. Unlimited premium bandwidth.
  2. SSH Secure Shell Access
  3. True Resource Management
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Simple scripts; Once-Click install
  6. Free website builder.
  7. Blazing fast servers
  8. 30-days money back guarantee.
  9. Good for about 2,000,00 monthly visitors.

Final thougts on Bluehost review:

You could opt for bluehost without a thought. I assure you, it could manage to hold even good amount of traffic with ease. And even if you don’t find it good, you may cancel it within a month. And you could get the whole money refunded to your bank account. You are no way in a loss!

You are now all thorough with the bluehost. I think I have covered almost all the points in this Bluehost review. Grab the offer and setup your business.
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